Review the Local Area Plan for the Central Newton Cultural Commercial District Area of Surrey.

The Central Newton Cultural District is a specialized commercial and mixed employment area centered on the intersection of 80 Avenue and 128th Street. The area, which was previously designated as industrial, provides unique commercial character and services for northwest Newton. Development in the area is guided by Council endorsed design guidelines.

Plan Area

The Central Newton Cultural District encompasses approximately 16 hectares (40 acres) in Northwest Newton, generally Centre on the intersection of 128 Street and 80 Avenue.



In July 2012, Council endorsed Corporate Report R157 which authorized staff to initiate the Central Newton Cultural Commercial District (CNCCD) study. The purpose of the study was to investigate a re-designation of  lands from “industrial” to “commercial” in the Official Community Plan (OCP) and prepare a Local Area Plan (LAP) accordingly.  Given the scale of proposed development, it was determined that the necessary amendments and guidelines would be considered as part of a concurrent development application.

In November 2013, following a series of public information meetings, Council endorsed Planning Report 7913-0047-00 which amended the OCP and Regional Grown Strategy to change portions of the area to Mixed Employment. The report also included endorsement of development and design guidelines for the area, as well as a funding formula for street improvements.

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