Raw cotton on a branch

People from around the world come to Surrey, bringing their treasured textiles with them.

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Museum of Surrey 17710 56A Avenue

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It's a Textile Takeover!

Experience a tapestry of cultures through fibres, tools, techniques and finished textiles. See an authentic Indian Charka – the same tool once used by Ghandi for spinning raw cotton into yarn, or a display showing the life cycle of the silkworm, with real silk cocoons. Get an up-close look at a Salish loom, handcrafted by Shain Jackson specially for MOS. Even examine a finger-woven traditional Voyaguer sash, made by local textile artist, Mechtild Morin.  

Discover an array of fibres from the more common ones like cotton, wool and silk, to the more unusual ones like soya by-products, milk protein and pineapple leaves. We even have samples of yarn infused with mint and pearls!   

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Family Friendly Fun

Watch demonstrations and talk with textile artists, view textile samples and tools and even try some hands-on activities. Kids will love learning how the fur of sheep, angora rabbits, llamas and even dogs can be spun into yarn! Families will be inspired to think outside the box as they watch ancient methods of creating fabric, along with new and innovative fibres to use. 

Learn how a sheep’s winter jacket is transformed into your cozy holiday sweater. Join local weavers and spinners for a special onsite demonstration of “sheep to shawl”, where fibre artists will demonstrate their skills by carding and spinning raw fleece into wool yarn, then use it to weave a shawl. 

Textiles and Pollution

Did you know textiles are the second largest polluter on the planet? Pop by the eco-friendly station and learn how to recycle old fabrics into something new to keep them from going into the landfill. Your old t-shirts, jeans, sheets and cotton clothing all have the potential to be recycled into new creations. There will be opportunities to weave with some of our recycled fabrics on a loom.