Learn about City's plans to improve public parking and road safety in Crescent Beach. 

Based on community feedback and discussions with emergency services, the City has developed a more balanced approach to improving parking and pedestrian safety in Crescent Beach, while not increasing overall parking supply, being cognizant of resident concerns around public nuisance issues in Crescent Beach.

View the Corporate Report for results of the community engagement from March to April 2024.

Parking & walking improvements

At the April 22, 2024 Council meeting, Council approved the following parking and walking improvements: 

  1. Review, amend and update existing on-street parking signage to ensure a consistent approach (whether angle or parallel parking is required), adequate sightlines and parking hours, which will include two-hour parking on portions of Sullivan Street and Beecher Street that are in proximity to commercial areas;
  2. Increase way-finding signage to the Blackie Spit parking lots (including gravel overflow) at the entrance to Crescent Beach, as well as within Blackie Spit;
  3. Minor modifications to the existing gravel overflow parking spaces in Blackie Spit to improve turning movements;
  4. Adding on-street parking fronting the vacant City Lot/Park at 12254 Beecher Street (McKenzie Road);
  5. Completing sidewalk connections for missing “gaps” along Sullivan Street, particularly west of Kidd Road bus stop and Alexandra tot-park area, to improve accessibility access to the beach area;  
  6. New accessible walkways on Wickson Road, Target Street and Alexandra Street;
  7. For the summer of 2024, pilot temporary "No Parking” on one side of McBride Avenue (south side) between Target Street to Wickson Road; angled parking along McBride Avenue between ~Target Street and Wickson Road and parallel parking along McBride Avenue between Sullivan Street and Target Street will be permitted (Updated based on resident feedback in early June) ; and
  8. Develop concept plans for pathways along McBride Avenue (south) and Kidd Road, between Sullivan Street and Gilley Road to improve walking and access to Crescent Beach and Alexandra tot-park.

Project timeline

Schedule (subject to change) of implementing the parking and walking improvements:

  • April/May 2024 - Obstruction Removal: Engineering staff to continue removal of unauthorized obstructions and signs within the public road allowance to improve access to utilities and support the public’s use of the road corridor for parking and walking.  Bylaw staff will continue to educate area residents of the applicable bylaws and regulations, and issue infraction notices as necessary.
  • May 2024 / Signage Improvements: Engineering staff to install parking signage along streets clarifying areas and times where the public is permitted to park on-street, along with enhancing way finding signage to the Blackie Spit parking lot.  
  • June 2024 / Parking and Walking Enhancement: Proceed with parking and walking enhancements on focused areas to the beach and fronting the City-owned park property, which will add 25 on-street parking spaces and provide a continuous walkway from transit stops to and from the beach and parking lot. 
  • Ongoing / On-street and Park Parking Supply Demand: Parks and Engineering staff to continue monitoring parking demand during peak periods in Crescent Beach, and the success of these works, to determine if any future work is necessary. 


Map of Parking & Walking Enhancements Plan

map showing some of the parking initiatives




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