High rises in Surrey, blue sky

Review statistics related to building permits, rezoning, subdivision and development permits.

View statistics related to building permits and development approvals in Surrey. These measures allow the City to control the form of development occurring in Surrey.

Building permits

Building permits ensure that construction complies with the BC Building Code. Construction must also adhere to approved City policy. Information from building permits provides insight into demographic changes and development activity. It is also used to calibrate the City's population estimates.

We prepare detailed building permit summaries each month. The summaries provide monthly and current-year cumulative information. This includes the number and value of permits issued and residential units created. The summaries also provide comparable information from the previous year.



Annual building permit summaries

Annual building permit summaries are also available for Surrey's six communities. Summaries include information up to the most recently completed month.

Commercial and industrial construction trends are further analyzed. This provides a snapshot of construction activity over the past couple years.