Candidate for Office of Councillor 


Manjeet Sahota

Surrey is an amazing city that is growing in many aspects. I want to focus on the basic ideas that make cities great.  

  1. We need better roads; so fixing potholes, increasing the flow of traffic and increasing transit.
  2. We need to make recreation centers more usable so the whole family can enjoy the benefits of them.
  3. Making our parks and neighborhoods clean. We need programs set-up to make our city garbage free, looking clean and beautiful. I want to have neighborhoods that are clean, safe and affordable.

Please visit my website ( for more of my platform ideas.

Surrey should be the best place to live, work, study and play!

Our city needs a change of direction and needs to look more positive in the media compared to the past 4 years. Every vote counts and with your support, I will help create that change.