Candidate for Office of School Trustee (Parents Voice BC)


Lisa is an Operations Project Manager and has worked in varying capacities in the financial sector for 15 years.  She understands planning, budgeting, and analytics and is an excellent resource for team strategy and implementation. She has partnered with Executives and Directors in both for-profit and non-profit to refine their processes, increase revenue and maximize productivity.  Lisa graduated high school in Surrey, and two of her three children attended Surrey’s public schools. Lisa is running with Parents Voice BC. She is mindful of the growing challenges of children, youth, and teachers. ‘I want to help with a forward-thinking strategy to meet funding needs to increase resources like counselors, TA’s, special needs workers, ELL & ESL workers, and police liaisons.’ Surrey Schools are the city’s largest employer and the largest district in the province. Our funding needs to reflect that.