Candidate for Office of School Trustee (Parents Voice BC)



I am running to be your School Trustee because I believe students learn best when they feel safe and that is my priority.  I lost my 14-year-old son Hamed to suicide, who took his life after relentless bullying at school.  I consequently founded “{Hamed Nastoh’s Anti -Bullying Coalition”, to raise awareness about the problem of bullying.  I have spoken to students in over 100 different schools throughout BC regarding this serious problem and I am proud to have been told that my son’s message has helped save lives.

Additionally, I have served as Director for “Community Embracing Restorative Action.”  I was also member of “Social Equity and Diversity Committee” in Surrey City Hall, and I was a founding member of “Survivor Advocates in Action”.  It is time to have divers voices advocating for our school district.  I will be your strong advocate on your Surrey Board of Education if elected.