The Surrey Police Board is an independent body providing civilian oversight to the Surrey Police

The Surrey Police Board is an appointed body by way of an Order in Council signed by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. There are 8 appointments: 7 are provincially appointed and 1 is recommended to the Province by the City Council through a Council motion. The municipal appointee is also appointed through an Order in Council. Board appointments can be for as little as one year, or for up to six years maximum for any one Board member. 

The Surrey Police Board is made up of citizens who are deeply embedded within the community and familiar with Surrey’s growth and future ambitions.  

Surrey’s diverse and gender-balanced police board is responsible for the oversight of the Surrey Police Service (SPS) and being accountable to the community. The Board conducts consultations with community members and groups, builds partnerships with community agencies, hires the Chief Constable, approves SPS policies and budgets, and addresses policy complaints against the SPS.  

The Board will have regular public meetings (approximately monthly) with the Chief Constable. The Chief will report to the Board on a variety of topics including ongoing spending, complaints against officers, crime data, human resources, and other topics as required.

For more information, visit the Surrey Police Board's website or contact the Board via email at