Learn about Surrey Libraries and how they operate within the City.

Surrey Public Library is a registered charity and an organization separately incorporated under the Provincial Library Act. It is governed by the Surrey Public Library Board, which consists of one Council designate and volunteer residents appointed by the City of Surrey Council.

The Library Board appoints the Chief Librarian, who directs and oversees the operation of the Library. The Library’s mission is to connect people, spark curiosity, and inspire learning. It works to fulfil its mission through the delivery of excellent services such as computer access, assistance with technology and information, physical and online collections, and programs to people of all ages and cultures.

The City provides the Library with the majority of its core operating budget. As a registered charity, Surrey Public Library also actively solicits donations to enhance its programs and services to meet the unique and growing needs of our community.

For questions regarding the Surrey Public Library Board, please contact Surrey Library Administration at 604-598-7300 or via e-mail at libraryinfo@surrey.ca.

The Library Administration Office is located on the third floor of the City Centre Library at 10350 University Drive.

Meeting Schedule and Committee Minutes

For information regarding the Meeting Schedule and Meeting Minutes please visit the Surrey Libraries website.