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Drop-in Schedules

People running on the treadmills.

Our registration system will be unavailable from November 14 to 18 as we transfer information to the new system. During this time, customers will be unable to purchase any Parks, Recreation or Culture programs or memberships or book a facility rental. Pre-registration for popular drop-in classes will be available online, in person or by telephone from Saturday, November 9 at 9pm until Wednesday, November 13 at 10:30pm for drop-in classes that take place from November 10-20. From November 14-18, early sign-up for drop-in classes is available in-person only.

Visit our indoor pools, arenas, and recreation facilities for drop in activities. Find a time that fits your schedule and get active today! Book your spot in advance for popular drop in programs.

Please note: Drop-in schedules are subject to change without notice. Call the recreation facility offering your drop in program to make sure it is still running. 

Fall Drop-in Schedules 

Drop-in Admission Fees

Learn about our drop-in admission fees and how to save money with our 10-swipe or 20-swipe passes. 


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