Review the employment land strategies for future land uses in Campbell Heights.

Campbell Heights is a large employment land area in south-east Surrey, along the border of Langley. Campbell Heights provides employment opportunities for a growing workforce through the designation of business park and industrial uses.

The Campbell Heights LAP was approved by Council in 2000 and is currently building out.

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Plan Area

This Campbell Heights plan area designates land uses for the broader Campbell Heights industrial and business park area, generally located east of 184 Street, south of 44 Avenue and west of 196 Street, along the border of the Township of Langley.

The approved Campbell Heights LAP encompasses an area of about 798 hectares (1,971 acres) of land. 

Boundary Map of Campbell Heights


The Campbell Heights area was originally considered within the South-East Surrey Local Area Plan which was prepared in 1980. The Plan envisaged business park and industrial development in this area to provide employment opportunities for the growing workforce.

In 1999, Council endorsed Corporate Report R2108, which approved a review process for Campbell Heights, with the intent of developing a more refined and relevant employment lands plan for the area. 

In 2000, Council endorsed Corporate Report C018, which approved the Local Area Plan for Campbell Heights, including the Land Use Concept Plan. Council also endorsed Corporate Report C017 which approved the engineering servicing plan and financial strategies as specified in the Campbell Heights Industrial Area 

In, 2003, Council endorsed Corporate Report L008, which provided an overview of the work, to date, on proposed amendments to the Campbell Heights LAP to include an allowance for a portion of the land in the Campbell Heights area to be used for "high-end" light impact industrial uses.

Later in 2003, Council also endorsed Corporate Report L013, which outlined the steps required to implement the first phase of industrial development in Campbell Heights, including the pre-zoning of some lands, preparation of design guidelines and the development of a design review and approval process.

In January 2004, Council endorsed Corporate Report L001, which approved design guidelines and a review Process as the basis for evaluating site-specific development proposals within the Campbell Heights Business Park.

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