Review the land use plan for the Darts Hill neighbourhood of South Surrey.

The Darts Hill Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) was approved by Council on May 10, 2021. It presents a vision of a compact, environmentally friendly, and sustainable community. 

Darts Hill is the fifth master planned neighbourhood within the broader Grandview Heights community. The Plan was developed through a community planning process supported by a series of background studies, comprehensive community engagement and a detailed engineering servicing review.

The final plan provides clear direction on the type and density of development, urban design, parks and environmental conservation, and engineering infrastructure for the neighbourhood. 

Development applications may now be considered in the area, consistent with the approved plan. 

Key Documents

Plan Area

The Darts Hill neighbourhood is located at the southern end of the Grandview Heights Community. It is bound by 16 Avenue and 20 Avenue, and 168 Street and Hwy 15, as well as a smaller portion south of 18 Avenue and west of 177 Street, between Redwood Park and Hwy 15.

Darts Hill Plan area map

Background Information

In 2003 Council identified Grandview Heights as an area of the City that would be suitable for new development. A General Land Use Plan (GLUP) was approved in 2005 to serve as an overall guide for land use, servicing and development in the area. It also identified the Neighbourhood Concept Planning (NCP) approach to plan future Grandview neighborhoods.  Darts Hill was identified as Plan Area #3.

In January 2016, the City received a petition requesting the preparation of an NCP. The petition was reviewed and confirmed by staff to meet Official Community Plan (“OCP”) requirements for secondary plan initiation. On July 25, 2016, Council approved Corporate Report No. R186, authorizing staff to begin the planning process and requested applications for landowners or their representative to form a Citizen Advisory Committee (“CAC”).

The planning process followed the City’s typical two stage land use land use planning method. Stage 1 involved the development of a draft land use plan, including background studies, preliminary servicing reviews and land use option development. Stage 2 involved the development of engineering servicing strategies, design guidelines, policy development and a financial strategy. Both stages of the process were supported by a comprehensive community engagement program including regular meetings with the CAC.

On July 22, 2019, Council considered Corporate Report R163 and approved the Stage 1 Plan for Darts Hill. Council also authorized staff to initiate Stage 2 of the planning process and expanded the plan boundary for a small pocket of lands to the east of 176 Street.

In May 2021, Council endorsed Corporate Report R092 which concluded the plan process and approved the final Stage 2 Darts Hill Plan.

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