Review the Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) for the Orchard Grove neighbourhood.

Orchard Grove is the name of a small neighbourhood plan area within the broader Grandview Heights community. Planning for this area was guided by the 2005 Grandview Heights General Land Use Plan (GLUP). The resulting Orchard Grove land use plan features a mix of housing types with a new neighbourhood park and a small commercial area at 24 Avenue and 168 Street.

This plan, now being implemented, provides direction on the type and density of development, urban design, parks and community amenities and engineering infrastructure for the neighbourhood.

Plan Area

The Orchard Grove Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) area is bordered by 164 Street to the West, 26 Avenue in the North, 168 Street to the East and 24 Avenue to the South. The area to the south of 24 Avenue is the Sunnyside Heights NCP. In total, the plan area encompasses about 30 hectares (76 acres).


Background Information

In 2003 Council identified Grandview Heights as an area of the City that would be suitable for new development. A General Land Use Plan (GLUP) was approved in 2005 to serve as an overall guide for land use, servicing and development in the area. It also identified the Neighbourhood Concept Planning (NCP) approach to plan future Grandview neighborhoods.

Orchard Grove was originally identified as part of Area 5 within the Grandview Heights GLUP. In 2008 Council endorsed Corporate Report R155 which authorized staff to proceed with an NCP process for a sub portion of Area 5. The report authorized a planning process for the Grandview Heights Area 5A (Orchard Grove) neighbourhood.

In 2010, following two years of community consultation, including three open houses, Council endorsed Corporate Report R207 and approved the Stage 1 land use concept. Council also authorized staff to proceed with the Stage 2 component of the Plan.

In 2012, Council endorsed Corporate Report R009 and Corporate Report R016 which approved the Stage 2 Plan and provided a detailed analysis of the planning, engineering and servicing requirements, as well as the financial strategy to implement the plan. It also included the approval of the final land use concept.

In 2016, following a detailed review of development application 7914-0354-00, Council approved an amendment to the NCP that including some land use designation changes and a reformatting of Orchard Grove Park.

In April 2018, following a planning review and additional stakeholder consultation process, Council endorsed Corporate Report R074 which further amended the plan to expand Orchard Grove Park.

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