The Pioneer Overpass on Hwy 99 illuminates with this artwork that emphasizes connections between landscapes, neighbourhoods, and countries.

Doug Welch - Connections


Artist: Doug Welch for Eos Lightmedia
Location: Highway 99, north of 148 Street
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2011

About Connections

The light-based artwork for the Pioneer Overpass illuminates the connection between two Surrey neighbourhoods once divided by Highway 99. The highway is itself a connection between Vancouver and the Pacific Border Crossing, between Canada and the United States. As the elegant span of the overpass floats over the highway, it also creates a metaphoric “connection” between earth and sky.

The artwork’s LED lighting is programmed to slowly change from green to blue, visually separating the structure from its connection to the landscape and merging it with the sky above. The Pioneer Overpass is part of Surrey’s Greenway Network connecting the City through multi-use pathways.

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About the Artist

Doug Welch of Eos Lightmedia has four decades of experience designing specialty lighting projects around the world, including museums and public buildings. His work has received Canadian and international recognition, such as the profession’s Illumination Design Award. Based in Vancouver, he has a postgraduate degree in design for theatre.