This sculpture outside Surrey Memorial Hospital represents continuity, flow of life, and protection.

Yvonne Domenge - Ribbon of Life


Artist: Yvonne Domenge
Location: Surrey Memorial Hospital (13750 96 Avenue)
Category: Private collection
Owner: Surrey Memorial Hospital
Year Installed: 2013

About Ribbon of Life

Hard to miss, this blue metallic globe sits at the entrance to the emergency wing of Surrey Memorial Hospital. It was designed to reflect the aesthetic vocabulary of the building’s glass facade. Ribbon of Life is a monumental sculpture comprised of two spheres that are cut from steel.

The work represents the continuous motion and flow of life. The sinuous lines symbolize the directed movements on our life map, like life currents. These currents exist simultaneously in the micro and macro world, as well as in our interior and exterior worlds, suggested here by a small sphere contained within a large one.

The artist describes the concept: “It’s a sphere inside another sphere for us to feel that someone takes care of us and protects us like a womb.” It is meant to be a cheerful sculpture for passersby and patients.

About the Artist

Much of the work of Mexican sculptor Yvonne Domenge references nature, architecture, and a fascination with geometry. She studied plastic arts at the Outremont School in Montreal, at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC, and in Mexico City. Working in materials as diverse as wood, stone, marble cement, steel, silver, and resin, Domenge has had more than 40 solo shows and participated in nearly 200 group exhibitions across Mexico, the United States, Canada, Europe, and China.