This urban aurora borealis illuminates Peterson Hill at night with its graceful arcs as you enter or leave City Centre.

Courtney Hunt and Alex Whitford - Lightmodal


Artists: Organnelle Design & Urban Visuals
Location: Peterson Hill (King George Boulevard at 132 Street)
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2012

About Lightmodal

Lightmodal was inspired by the artists’ desire to create an urban aurora borealis, adding a visual delight to Surrey’s civic environment.

This series of arcs illuminates Peterson Hill, the approach to Surrey's new City Centre. On each arc, a solar panel provides electricity to sensors and powers its 100 LED lights. Sound, vibrations and motion from trains above, vehicles on the road, and cyclists and pedestrians are registered. The artwork responds with a corresponding ebb and flow of light. As the artwork relies only on solar energy, the amount of sunlight each day determines the output of glowing colour each night.

Lightmodal was created as one of Metro Vancouver's Necklace Projects.

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About the Artists

Urban Visuals

Urban Visuals (Nathan Whitford and Konstantinos Mavromichalis) specializes in creating immersive environments, from permanent public art works to event-based installations, projected stage design, and exhibition design.

Organelle Design

Organelle Design (Courtney Hunt and Alex Whitford) is an independent studio focused on environmentally responsible industrial design, installations, public art, and architecture.