These large-scale, elegant sculptures of flowers and seeds harmonize the urban and natural elements in Holland Park.

Bruce Voyce - Floraforms and Seeds of Change


Artist: Bruce Voyce
Location: Holland Park (13428 Old Yale Road)
Category: Civic collection
Year Installed: 2008

About Floraforms and Seeds of Change

Bruce Voyce’s series of large-scale, delicate sculptures, based on flowers, leaves, seeds, and seedpods, are located throughout Holland Park. The artist conceived metal sculptures that refer to edible and medicinal plants with a rich history amongst First Nations cultures as a means to harmonize the urban and natural environments in the park.

Very contemporary in material and fabrication techniques, the sculptures boldly explore visual art with illusive shapes that resemble 3-dimensional x-rays of various flowers and leaves. Voyce layers perforated metal to create visual patterns that change with light and perspective, and animates the forms by night with the addition of dynamic solar LED lighting. The overall visual dynamic is what Voyce calls “Industrial Baroque.”

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About the Artist

Bruce Voyce is a Vancouver-based sculptor who creates public artworks using a wide range of materials, both natural and manmade. He regards a public space as a stage to inspire worlds of possibility and wonder. Voyce studied at the Art Institute Capilano College and in Florence, Italy at Arte Sotto Un Tetto. His work has been exhibited in British Columbia, Japan, and the United States.