This whimsical mural animates the children's section of the Guildford Public Library.

Duncan Weller - The Jungle Project


Artist: Duncan Weller
Location: Guildford Library (15105 105 Avenue)
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2001

About The Jungle Project

This whimsical wall mural depicting trees, vines, bright flowers, dense foliage, and friendly creatures of the South American jungle surrounds the puppet stage in the children’s book department of the Guildford Public Library. This artwork provides opportunities for games, storytelling, and explorative possibilities for kids and adults alike, as it is full of vines to follow, tableaus to interpret, and creatures to discover. A mobile Reading Throne, perfect for reading or being read to, is a special addition to the piece and includes a cushion designed by the artist’s mother and award-winning quilter, Jean Weller.

During the creation of The Jungle Project, Weller was an artist-in-residence for six months at the Guildford Library. The work began as a decorative mural but quickly morphed into a massive illustration project for two children’s picture books: The Love Ant and the soon-to-be-published Chameleon Snake. Both main characters can be found in the mural and on the Reading Throne. The Love Ant tells the story of a dedicated ant who delivers a letter to a female Love Bird from her boyfriend, a male Love Bird. The journey of the ant along a vine has become an oral story for librarians and children to share with one another. The mural’s fanciful style is inspired by references from the Guildford Library’s children’s book department, Weller’s imagination, and children’s suggestions.

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About the artist

Duncan Weller is a Governor General’s award-winning visual artist and writer who specializes in imaginative stories for children. His projects include several published books, a math puzzle game, CD covers, magazine illustrations, and television backdrops.