A Farmer, Train Conductor, and Cowgirl carved in granite remember different aspects of Cloverdale's history.

Paul Slipper - Moments in Time


Artist: Paul Slipper
Location: Cloverdale Town Centre (176 St between 56A & 58 Ave)
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2009

About Moments in Time

Three figurative sculptures, carved in granite, have been placed at intervals along Cloverdale’s historic main street. Each 8-foot-high work celebrates an aspect of Cloverdale’s past. The symbolism of these traditional figures is amplified by granite markers engraved with historic facts and inlaid at the base of each sculpture.

Paul Slipper worked closely with local business and historical groups to develop the characters depicted:

  • Farmer represents Cloverdale’s agricultural history
  • Train Conductor signifies Cloverdale’s early transportation history
  • Cowgirl celebrates the enduring tradition of the Cloverdale Rodeo, first started in 1945.

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About the Artist

Paul Slipper is an award-winning stone sculptor based in Vancouver. He graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1983 and works in a realistic and figurative tradition, often with an element of humour. The appearance of his work has evolved over the years, from refined, highly polished forms to more roughly hewn surfaces that reveal the natural character of the material.

Slipper has exhibited his sculpture in international exhibitions and biennales, and has won a number of public and corporate art commissions in Canada and the United States. Locally, his work may be seen at the Vancouver International Airport and the North Vancouver District Archive building, among other sites.