These male and female welcome figures by Leonard Wells flank the entrance to the Surrey School District Education Centre.

 Leonard Wells - Welcome You


Artist: Leonard Wells
Location: Surrey School District Education Centre (14033 92 Avenue)
Category: Private collection
Owner: School District No 36 (Surrey)
Year Installed: 2010

About Welcoming You

With upheld hands, these welcoming figures greet all who come to the District Education Centre. Carved by artist Leonard Wells from 12-foot red cedar logs, the figures’ mouths are open in a warm “welcome.” The male figure (identifiable by his clothing style) shows his spirit to be that of the moon, which is prominently displayed on his chest. Both he and the female figure have a sun above their heads, which represents wisdom, enlightenment, and learning—vital attributes for an education centre.

About the Artist

Leonard Wells is a member of the Semiahmoo First Nation. He carves jewellery, masks, rattles, bowls, as well as monumental sculptures. He apprenticed with Robert Davidson (Haida) and has collaborated with Susan Point (Musqueam/Coast Salish).

His other artworks in the City of Surrey include Under the Double Eagle and Elder Moon, Eagle and Salmon, and kw'enalien.