These stones surrounding Crescent Beach are inscribed with poetic phrases, symbols, and references of this area's history.

Tina Farmilo - Memory Stones


Artist: Tina Farmilo
Location: Beecher Street and surrounding community near Crescent Beach
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2002

About Memory Stones

The innovative Memory Stones at Crescent Beach are a poetic evocation of the history, memories, dreams, and stories of the Crescent Beach community past and present. Artist Tina Farmilo spent time researching the history of the region from local people, especially the elders and historians.

Tina took the richness of the information she gathered and distilled it into poetic phrases, symbols, and references to represent the stories of origin, then had them inscribed on 33 stones. The artwork circles the neighbourhood on a walking-tour through time and space.

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About the Artist

Tina Farmilo is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is rooted in concepts of

  • community,
  • place,
  • history,
  • memory, and
  • dreams.

She believes artists have a role “as truth-bearers—witnesses and cultural front-line workers—in a time when the rifts between psyche, body and soul, and nature and society is resulting in confusion, denial, and destruction and world-wide loss of diversity.” Farmilo lives in the Gulf Islands and loves storytelling.