This wall panel by Jasmine Mingjie Weng for the Chimney Heights Park washroom celebrates people of different cultural backgrounds enjoying nature.

An orange artwork on the outside wall of a park washroom

Artist: Jasmine Mingjie Weng
Location: Chimney Heights Park (14677 74 Ave)
Category: Civic collection
Year Installed: 2021

About Harmony

This wall panel on the park washroom depicts people from different cultural backgrounds, all enjoying the sunshine and freedom in a culturally inclusive environment. Presented in a bright orange, Weng hopes the bold and eye-catching colour will bring “joy, enthusiasm, happiness, and enjoyment” to the community. 

The grass and plants in the park inspired the characters’ design. Weng writes, “I remember seeing people from different backgrounds participating in festivals held in the parks in Surrey, and the large crowd seemed as numerous as the grass gathered in the park as they cheered and celebrated their festivities.” Weng hopes that people will feel “positive and bright” when they see the artwork. 

About the Artist

Jasmine Mingjie Weng is a graphic designer originally from Chongqing, China. She immigrated to Canada in 2015 and lived in Surrey with her family when they first arrived. Weng is passionate about creating simple, attractive, and original designs. Her time in Surrey was important to her. She says, “In that period of time, I deeply felt the harmony between people from different cultures and received kindness from our neighbours, which encouraged us to be courageous to face and overcome the challenges of our new life in Canada.”