This light-based artwork on the pedestrian and bicycle overpass from Tynehead Park changes colours with the season and different events.

John Webber  - Seasons in the Park


Artist: John Webber and Epic Productions
Location: Highway #1 at 168 Street
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2011

About Seasons in the Park

Seasons in the Park is an illumination for the pedestrian and bicycle overpass that crosses Highway #1 from Tynehead Park to 168th Street. Inspired by the fluid shape of the overpass and the natural landscape in which it is anchored, John Webber created a light-based artwork that draws colours from the leaves, flowers, and water in Tynehead Park. With this design, the whole bridge becomes an illuminated public artwork every night. The lighting effects change in response to different seasons and events.

The Tynehead Overpass is part of Surrey’s Greenway Network, connecting the City through multi-use pathways. This illuminated overpass links Fraser Heights with Tynehead Regional Park, encouraging the enjoyment of Surrey’s green spaces and bicycle paths.

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About the Artist

John Webber is an award-winning theatre lighting and set designer. His outdoor lighting work includes Mountain Square in Whistler, BC. Based in Vancouver, John holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering.