Keep your eyes out for this life-sized sculpture of a mule deer camouflaged in the wooded setting of Darts Hill Garden.

 Steve Tyree - Mule Deer


Artist: Steve Tyree
Location: Darts Hill Garden (16 Avenue & 170 Street)
Category: Civic collection
Year Installed: 2000

About Mule Deer

This life-size sculpture of a mule deer is naturalistically sited in a wooded area of Darts Hill Garden. The work, a donation by Mary Mira Robson in memory of her late husband Donald Robson, was created through an unusual fabrication technique using sheets of recycled bronze instead of a mold or the casting of molten metal in a foundry. The realistic representation of a mule deer reflects the artist’s love and appreciation of the natural world and his goal of evoking the spirit inherent in each creature he sculpts.

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About the Artist

Steve Tyree was born in Modesto, California and grew up immersed in the natural world. He expresses this experience through wood carving, photography, and taxidermy. After a brief period of art studies, he pursued wildlife filmmaking and, in 1974, began to sculpt small animals in steel, using welding skills he had acquired in an auto body shop. His life-sized bronze sculptures have been exhibited in exhibitions and public art programs across the United States.