This colourful glass wall of shifting light contains aerial images of Cloverdale & responds to the public's movement.

Robert Studer - Flow and Variations of Flow


Artist: Robert Studer
Location: Cloverdale Recreation Centre (6188 176 Street)
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2011

About Flow and Variations of Flow

Robert Studer’s 30-foot wide wall of shifting colour is located in the main foyer of the new Cloverdale Recreation Centre. Colours emanate from 18 illuminated cylinders behind a diffused glass wall. The eight foot tall cylinders slowly rotate, increasing in speed as patrons in the foyer trigger sensors. The result is a flow of shifting light that responds to the public’s movement. Shapes and colours on the film in the cylinders are derived from computer manipulated aerial images of Cloverdale.

The artist has used the reverse side of the wall inside a multipurpose room, to create a second illuminated surface. The same cylinders and colours are seen here through tinted reflective glass panels and additional layers of diffusing film. The result is a subtle, more mysterious visual experience that fades as the light level in the room increases.

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About the Artist

Robert Studer, a creative artist and industrial and graphic designer, has worked on unique international projects with all levels of government, the private sector, public realm, and non-profit organizations. Much of Studer’s work is based on the potential to influence social change to the greater good; to celebrate humanity and creative abilities; and to recognize beauty is instrumental in life and business. In his large, well-lit Sechelt studio, his work emphasizes a creative exploration of glass and light.