This spindle whorl wood carving by Leonard Wells greets visitors to the Peace Arch Duty Free shop.

Eagle and Salmon by Leonard Wells. Photo by Brian Giebelhaus.

Artist: Leonard Wells
Location: 255 BC-99
Category: Private collection
Owner: Peace Arch Duty Free 
Year Installed: 2010

About Eagle and Salmon

This impressive spindle whorl is made from red cedar wood and measures six feet in diameter. It depicts the moment when an eagle, overseeing the water and the plenty therein, snatches up a salmon. The eagle’s spirit is represented in the human face, and the copper elements in the salmon’s tail represent wealth. This piece greets visitors to the Peace Arch Duty Free shop.

About the Artist

Leonard Wells is a member of the Semiahmoo First Nation. He carves jewellery, masks, rattles, bowls, as well as monumental sculptures. He apprenticed with Robert Davidson (Haida) and has collaborated with Susan Point (Musqueam/Coast Salish).

His other artworks in the City of Surrey include Under the Double Eagle and Elder Moon, kw'enalien, and Welcoming You.