Fleetwood's first creative bike rack references Fraser Highway, the Fraser River, and Mount Baker.

Laara Cerman - The Frasers


Artist: Laara Cerman
Location: Throughout Fleetwood
Category: Civic collection
Year Installed: 2019

About The Frasers

The Frasers is one of Surrey’s first creative bike racks. Seemingly simple, it contains many references to the Fleetwood area’s natural and built characteristics. The design depicts the diagonal Fraser Highway, though the same lines may also represent the Fraser River. One of the most iconic sights in Fleetwood is included: the breathtaking Mount Baker. The form of the bike rack is a tree shape, which references Fleetwood’s many wooded areas. In only a few lines, Cerman has captured the values and assets of this unique community in the heart of Surrey.

About the Artist

Laara Cerman is a Vancouver-based artist and graduate of Langara College and Vancouver College of Art and Design. Predominantly a photographer, Cerman has exhibited her work in solo shows in the Lower Mainland. She recently completed public art vinyl mural projects in Richmond and Vancouver. She also works in the commercial photography industry. Cerman writes that the “creative bike rack opportunity is giving me a chance to think in a different medium while continuing to pursue public art projects.” The project was created in partnership with the Fleetwood Business Improvement Association and the City of Surrey Community Enhancement team.