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Wading and Evading by Anthony Gabriel


Artist: Anthony Gabriel
Location: Clayton Community Centre (7155 187A Street)
Category: Civic collection
Year Installed: 2021

About Wading and Evading

Anthony Gabriel’s design for the childminding room windows in Clayton Community Centre is all about luck. He depicts dragonflies, a frog, and a heron, all in their natural element and all bringing luck to the Centre.

Gabriel says, “The heron is a night guardian who watches over the community while everyone rests. They also watch the human night travellers who travel by land and sea. They are very important. The frog, being amphibious, has his eyes, ears, heart, and spirit in between all the worlds: land, water, and sky, and between the living and spirit realms. I see the dragonflies as the being that links the air and water species, since they are born in water and transform into air beings.”

About the Artist

Anthony Gabriel is from the Kwantlen First Nation territory and specializes in handcraft-engraved silver and gold jewellery. He created The Fisherman’s Charm for the City of Surrey's 2018 Public Art Street Banners.