Look up to notice these metal sheets of athlete's movements decorating SkyTrain pillars in City Centre.

Karen Kazmer - Underfoot Yet Overhead (Part 1)


Artist: Karen Kazmer
Location: SkyTrain pillars along University Drive near 105A Avenue
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2009

About Underfoot Yet Overhead (Part 1)

Underfoot Yet Overhead is two different, yet related, series of visual markers installed on SkyTrain pillars in City Centre. In Part 1, viewers will see a series of pierced metal panels with imagery based on the increments of athlete’s movements. Arranged sequentially, like stop-motion animation, the series of twelve different actions celebrate sports activities in Whalley Athletic Park and Holland Park. Artist Karen Kazmer calls each series “a microscopic hunt for meaning.” Their intent is to create a visible presence for what is normally unseen or overlooked.

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About the Artist

Karen Kazmer is a Vancouver-based visual artist who specializes in mixed-media installations and public art projects. Her work is often site-specific and addresses both the human body and the ways we position ourselves within social spaces. For her City Centre public art projects, she has drawn on her recent interest in the microscopic world and its unseen relationships to our everyday lives and activities.

Born in the Chicago area, Kazmer studied at Loyola University, the University of British Columbia, and York University. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in both the United States and Canada, from Toronto to San Francisco and from Burnaby to Portland. Her public art commissions and purchases include projects for the City of Vancouver, the City of Richmond, and the City and District of North Vancouver.