A piano at the Clayton Community Centre was transformed into a playful blend of oceanic and celestial elements.

A person is playing a creatively painted piano adorned with jellyfish designs in a dimly lit room.


Artist: Amy Bao
Location: Clayton Community Centre
Category: Civic Collection in collaboration with Community Arts
Year Installed: 2024

About Sea and Sky

The sea and sky blend into one continuous tapestry that wraps around the piano, combining an underwater world with atmospheric light. Ocean creatures swim through a sea of stars. Clouds on the back of the piano flow into jellyfish on the sides. Underneath the keyboard is a view that could be either coral under watery moonlight, or cacti under wispy clouds.

About the Artist

Amy (Yun Ru) Bao is a multidisciplinary artist who loves creating murals and sculptures. She strives to make playful, accessible public art. Her background is in traditional art and architectural design.

You can check out more of her work on Instagram @amy.yunru.bao.