This large mosaic representing the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire greets you at the entrance of Kwomais Point Park.

Connie Glover and Deborah Putman - Kwomais: A Place of Vision


Artists: Connie Glover and Deborah Putman
Location: Kwomais Point Park (128 Street and 16 Avenue)
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2012

About Kwomais: A Place of Vision

Kwomais Point Park has historically been a place of vision, community and spirituality. The mosaic installed here references this history with a number of spiritual symbols balanced within the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire. The ouroboros, a symbol of the eternal circle of life, inspired the circular design and suggests constant transformation. The mosaic creatures refer to guardians or guides welcoming visitors to the park. Phases of the moon serve as a navigational guide and mark seasonal changes that assist the calendar of growing food and nurturing animals. The life-giving light and warmth of the sun, shown in the centre, is the eye of the compass, the still point around which all life unfolds on this sacred earth.

About the Artists

Connie Glover

Connie Glover, an accomplished ceramic artist, has taught and exhibited for many years, gaining particular recognition for her large-scale public artwork. Her residencies and research have taken her to Alberta, California, China, and Japan.

Deborah Putman

Deborah Putman, a professional visual artist, has exhibited her paintings in Canada and internationally. A graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, she furthered her studies in BC, Nova Scotia, and France.