This large photograph displayed like a billboard welcomes visitors to the Guildford Aquatic Centre.

Michael Krondl - Splash


Artist: Michael Krondl
Location: Guildford Aquatic Centre (15105 105 Avenue)
Category: Civic collection
Year: 2014

About Splash

Splash captures the dynamic moment after someone has just dived or jumped into a pool. This digitally manipulated photograph responds to the neighbourhood of Guildford as the source of the Serpentine River and recalls the history of fountains as the social heart of a city. It also references the family-friendly and sporting activities within the Guildford Aquatic Centre.

The artwork’s large photographic transparencies are printed on 14 glass panels using ceramic pigments, and fired like the glazes on pottery. Splash measures 5.5m high X 10.5m wide.

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About the Artist

Currently living in New York, Michael Krondl was born in Prague and grew up in Toronto. He specializes in large-scale, site-specific installations that are derived from photographs. He has created both permanent and temporary public works in New York City, Prague, Toronto, Montreal, and other US cities.